About Canvas & Flame

Hi! My name is Anastasia, I’m the owner of this little shop.

I’m a graphic designer and a photographer, and inspiration comes to me every day in different shapes and forms. Nature, tv shows, life situations. That’s why a few years ago I registered my shop here.

The name of my shop spontaneously came to me. It’s inspired by one of my favorite books, “The Master and Margarita” by Mikhail Bulgakov. The main character of the book Voland once said “Manuscripts do not burn!” – the idiom that basically states “You can’t kill an idea, art is immortal”. So here am I, creating something on paper that hopefully will last and be enjoyed! The book itself is full of mystery, which became an inspiration for some of my creations too.

Here I offer you funny, cute, and elegant stickers, designs for Instagram and iOS screen, minimal black and white line art prints, and a number of physical colorful prints. My minimalistic wall art will be perfect for any interior, including children’s rooms.

I create graphics in the evenings with my iPad when feeling inspired and ready to share positive vibes with the world. Which means every one of them comes with a spark. ✨

So please share prints with your loved ones, hang them on your walls for a special occasion (Christmas, Halloween, Birthday, or other!) or permanently!

To me, it’s an honor to bring one more spark of joy to your life through my art.

My hope is that the images brought with it will make your day better! 🖤

Happy shopping!