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How to recycle your Canvas & Flame packaging

You received your Canvas & Flame order – I’m so happy about it! I hope you are excited about your product and started using it right away.

But what do you do with all this packaging? Please read this before throwing it away in the waste bin.

I pride myself in making sure to reduce harm when it comes pro producing and shipping my products. I do realize the system is still not perfect, but right now happy about my current process. To read more about behind-the-scenes, check out this page.

Today I wanted to share with you what to do with all these package materials after you opened your product, hang it on a wall, or decorated your journal with it!

1. Mailers

My mailers (whether it’s flat photo mailers or poster tubes) are recyclable. Feel free to use your regular paper bin to dispose of them.


2. Cellophane sleeves

My cellophane sleeves are plant-based PLA cellophane, and are compostable! To make it easier for you to compost them, I make sure not to use any stickers on them.

Once you opened your order, feel free to throw your cellophane sleeve in your compost bin!

NOTE: if you decide to use them for storage, keep in mind they are not archival quality due to their nature. Keep them away from heat and water.


3. Stickers

I make my stickers on sticky photo paper. Its backing is unfortunately not made of recyclable paper and belongs to the waste bin.

Stickers themselves are curbside recyclable.


4. Prints

I make my prints on the highest quality fine art paper that can be sent to your paper recycling bin.

Print ink I use is water-based, and even though it’s not that lasting as pigment ink, it’s an environmentally friendly choice.


5. Backings

To make sure your prints and stickers are safe and not damaged during transportation, I use chipboard backings.

You will notice some of the backings have logos on them and look like they already were used. It’s because they are!

In my packaging, I use a mix of new backing boards and cuts from boxes left from some of my parcels.

These chipboard pieces are curbside recycleable.


6. Add-ons

If you received a coupon, a thank you card, or any other surprise add-on, you can be sure they are curbside recyclable as well!


That’s it! Please enjoy your product, while doing right by your planet. 💚 🌎


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