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How to frame your Canvas & Flame print

Framing might seem to be a really straightforward thing, but it’s not always is. Here is how you avoid any surprises there!


1. Plan your frame ahead

Might come as a surprise, but it’s not just a pretty picture when it comes to choosing your next print. There are several factors that you should consider.

When it comes to framing, pay attention to two main ones: the size of your art, and the potential style of framing you want for it.

The design of your framing is tricky and it serves as a connection between your home decor and the print itself.

And not only that, its construction might dictate what size of print you should buy! Let’s say you got yourself a pretty 11×14 frame for your 11×14 art. You love everything about it: color, frame style, texture. However, it turns out to be a 11×14 frame with white matting that is supposed to hold 8×11 art. So you remove the matting, pop in your 11×14 print (which is perfectly fine – I mean, matting is totally optional!), and realize it all looks bulky without all that white space around the art, and not at all what you had in mind.

Or you got the right print size, the perfect frame for it, but then realized that my prints are coming in with 1-inch white borders (they are) which doesn’t usually play quite well with your frame matting.

So, all in all – even before you choose your print, envision what frame you are going to use for it, at what size, and if you want to consider matting for it. As a general rule, I do not recommend matting for my prints because they already come with the border.


2. Pop it in!

If your frame matches the size of your print exactly, it’s really easy. Just carefully place your print in the frame, cover it with the backing, and it’s done!

However, if you decided to go with a matting option, you have to make sure it’s affixed to the matting and doesn’t slip.

When you receive your print, you will see it comes with 4 strips of paper. This paper is acid-free archival quality – same as my prints – and is meant to keep your smaller print attached to matting so it stays put.

Simply attach your strips of paper with any paper scotch to the mounting board, as is shown on the photo below, and it will hold your print while keeping the paper intact.

Make sure your tape doesn’t touch the print itself (only mounting strips) because it might damage the paper and reduce its lifespan.


3. Close it up and seal it.

After you locked the frame, you can add an extra level of protection for your print from lint and other outside factors. To do that, use tape to cover the gap between the backboard and the frame itself.

For that, I recommend using acid-free sealing tape to reduce surface damage, such as this one (US), or this one (Canada). However, simple painter’s tape, like this one, should work too!


And that’s it! Even though you probably imagined it as 1-step process, it’s still easy enough, right?

Now the only thing left is to find a great spot for it away from direct sunlight.

I do hope you will enjoy your art for the years to come. Please follow me at @canvasandflame and tag my shop to share photos of how you display your prints!

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